Thursday, September 25, 2014

I wish I was you mommy

Carlyle, the drama:

C: I wish I was You mommy.... 
C: If I were you Mommy. I would do everything my children want.
Me: "When I became a mommy, I had to learn that my job as a Mommy is to keep you safe, happy and healthy."

"I don't want to go to school. It's just boring for my life." 

"Baby Lyla is so cute. I just can't stop thinking about her."

C:  Mom, do you know Ilene's sister has... A boyfriend?
Me:  "Wowee, really?"
C:  Mom, why did you say wowee?
Me:  "Because just big girls have boyfriends."
C:  (A sly smile)
Me:  "Why? Do you know younger girls that have boyfriends?"
C:  pause... Yes, mommy! Me? Will?
Me:  "Oh"
C:  And guess what?.... He is Irene's boyfriend too!!
Me:  "Ha! Really. So you have the same boyfriend?"
C:  And Madeline too.
Me:  "And what is a boyfriend? Like what does that mean?"
C:  Mom (like duh?), he's just a boy. And my friend. So you put the words together... Boy--friend.
Me: "Ah! Good."

Me: "Why don't I make you some soup?"
C: Actually, you can make that for me when I'm sixty-five. But I won't like that when I'm four.

Carlyles French name/persona is Rose` Rose`

I just love my teacher Mrs. Sorflaten because her hair is poofy and its yellow and she's a girl.  And her name is beautiful.  Sorflaten, SOR-flatten... Sounds like Shortcake, kind of.  Strawberry Shortcake. 

When I grow up, I have superpowers.
When I am four, I can go to football game.

I need my Moozma-jock shoes.  My Moozma-jock.
Oh! You mean your slippers?
Well I call them Moozma-jock shoes, like "Got the Moozma-jock, got the mooz la jock!" (moozma-jock = Moves Like Jagger song by Adam Levine)

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