Thursday, July 10, 2014

She says, He says

Some funny things they've been saying over the past few months, at least the ones I could remember to write down!

That's Rediclious (Redicleeus)

Akward (like Akkkwaaard..., it gets serious laughs on the PreK playground)

Obsessed with Altoid mini mints

Didn't want Ben doing something rowdy cause she said it would get "all moradic" in here. (7/14)

M: "Carlyle, look at me with your eyes when I am talking to you."
C: "I am."
M: "No, you are looking at Ariel."
C: "Well, I have two of them. So I can see both of you." (1/14)

She liked the way Zuzu's soap smelled, so when asked what it smelled like: "Blue . . blue . . blu ray" (6/14)

"Hi, I'm Carlyle.  I'm very sweet and I don't do bad things to anyone. My bruver is 2." (12/13)

"Mom, I just want to be the girl who does what SHE WANTS to do." (4/14)

I wuv you too Mommy (says I love you too, instead of I love you)


Captain Ahoy! (when shooting something or a cannon from Bucky the ship)

Mommy, hold you? (pick me up)

Pank that bug!  Pank it! (slap or spank that bug when trying to swat it)

Ben and Carlyle play dress up, a lot.  It's about 80/20, he'll end up in a gown or tutu instead of a cape.  But this is what I heard frown down the hallway, Justin: "Whoa, whoa Ben, you are gonna trip in that Cinderella dress and scratch your penis. Slow down." (Ben was naked under his dress) (6/14)

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