Friday, June 20, 2014

The High Dive

So proud of our fearless swimmer. She passed the lifeguard test to swim across the pool and back, got a wristband, and jumped off the diving board at the UP pool. This was our first visit with friends this summer. And it followed a morning swim lesson at Baylor (which we love!) where her instructor told me "she is a natural butterfly stroke." Can you tell I'm having a proud mama moment? 
She quickly graduated to the high dive. 
Easily the youngest in line. 

And when asked about her experience later...
Shauna: Carlyle, I heard you jumped off the high diving board at the pool?!
Carlyle: yeah. And I wear big girl panties all night too. 


  1. OMG...this is amazing! yay carlyle. SOOO impressed. xoxo

  2. LOVE this!! Of course she is the youngest in the line and not afraid at all!! So cute. Miss y'all! xoxo