Saturday, April 5, 2014

Waiting for Baby Sister-Cousin

Any second now... Baby girl will be on her way!
Carlyle has been pretty set on having a baby sister lately.  I'm so happy that Aunt Shauna can give her one!

She has also been making toys and art for Baby Girl Barnes.  
C: "This is for my baby sister, not my baby boy Ben.  He can touch it once my baby sister is here. Oh... I hope Nana gets one for me!  One more rainbow sparkley to make it beautiful for her to love it!"
And after a longer conversation explaining that baby girl is going to live with Dach, Nana & Emmet, she ends with,
"Well, Mom.  We just gotta find a way to get one in your tummy."

Carlyle keeps checking my belly to see if there is a baby in there, and there is not.

All that being said, we are ALL very excited to meet our new baby girl/cousin/sister!

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