Monday, July 2, 2012

Barnes Vacation 2012

I am calling it a "staycation" only because the destination was 30 minutes away from our house.  But we would have driven 5 hours to Hill Country for a resort like this!
We went to the Gaylord Texan last weekend, and it was a blast!  It was so kid-friendly, with an indoor atrium complete with waterfalls, trains, balloon animals in the afternoons, and several restaurants. Our room situation worked out nicely with a suite and adjoining rooms.  Our balconies opened up into the [air-conditioned] atrium, so it was a perfect 72 outside all the time.  The resort waterpark/pool was a perfect setup for Friday, complete with a lazy river and our rented cabana (with fan, TV, fridge, and a waiter).  We had a dinner night out on Friday, thanks to Allison driving up to babysit.  
We really had such a great time, thank you Zuzu!!!

Waiting for the shuttle to take us over to Paradise Springs.  (notice Carlyle's excitement and Emmet leaning in for a kiss)
Dach and Daddy trying to pose with Carlyle (who'd rather be in the water)

And Uncle Alex was there too!

"I want to go through the tunnel, Mommy"

She was underwater more than she was above water.
Swimming, swimming, swimming...
Hugs for cousin Emmet
And a gentle pat for Carlyle.  His gentle pats are the sweetest.
Sweaty boy after his morning nap with Mommy in the lounge chair.
Off to the lazy river with Mommy and Daddy.  He knows how to kick back and ride.  It was so fun floating with him just sitting calmly in my lap as I held on to Justin's tube.  Carlyle's version of the lazy river wasn't so lazy.  She basically tried to swim upstream the whole time. 
Zuzu and Ben
Carlyle snuggled in with Zuzu for some downtime in the cabana.
And it turned into a long, well-deserved nap.  And Zuzu was trapped there for over an hour, but she didn't mind.
Ben followed Emmet's lead and opted for the private napping chair, complete with a towel overhead.
The post-nap popsicle cool down.
But Zuzu had to hold it. 
Managed to get a Garrity family photo, which we have very few of.
Unfortunately, we didn't coordinate a Barnes family photo before everyone left.
The trains were entertaining for all the kids.
Sunday morning breakfast with the characters.  She doesn't know Shrek because we have never watched it together, but she was pretty taken by Princess Fiona.
Garritys and Princess Fiona

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